"This is our second year we have done a league through RaceScore. With the overall success of last year's league we never doubted if we would go again this year. (RaceScore) has been wonderful to work with from day one. With starting a league from scratch we had lots of questions. We were quick to get answers and whenever we had something that we needed assistance with, he was there to walk us through or to even go ahead and do it for us. He was always in step with us or one step ahead. Four races into the season and we have already matched what we had for participation from last year." -- Director of Interactive Marketing ~ WQCC - KICKS 106.3

"KICKS 106.3 is fortunate to have a NASCAR sanctioned track within our coverage area. We broadcast a live show every Saturday night for the hour leading up to the first race. We were looking for a way to compliment our show called "Track Side," draw more interest to the races every week, and drive more traffic to our station web site. With the success we have had running a Sprint Cup Fantasy League we were excited to see what a local racing league would provide. With this being such a unique opportunity we were a little nervous going into our first season. (RaceScore) was with us every step as we prepared the league for launch. After we went live with the league we had a couple of things that we overlooked that needed modification. The response time was instant with every request we made. We are going to be heading into our second season with this league and the talk is already out there with our listeners as we get ready for late model racing! Thank you to Mike and Racescore for all the support and effort to make this a successful marketing tool!" -- Director of Interactive Marketing ~ WQCC - KICKS 106.3

"My group has had a fantasy nascar league for the last 12 years. After years of maintaining an excel sheet with all the picks every week we decided their had to be a better option online. The main problem was finding a site that would allow us to somewhat customize our point system and bonus points (points for qualifying) to keep it similar to how we had done it in the past. After much searching online I came across RaceScore and it seemed to be the best option for what we were looking for in a fantasy racing site. After getting signed up I quickly saw that RaceScore was perfect for us. There are several customizable options that no other site out there had available. Customer support is top notch as it is extremely rare to shoot an email off and not get a response within a few hours with an answer or solution to the problem. The price they charge is minimal when compared to the functionality of the site. The other great thing about RaceScore is it's ease for those not so computer literate. We have some old school nascar fans in our group that love racing but don't care a thing about a computer and to date haven't ever had anyone encounter a problem when signing up or making changes to their team. We have been using RaceScore for several years and actually run two leagues throughout the season, one for the entire season and then a second bonus league for the Chase. I wouldn't look anywhere else for a fantasy racing website, these guys are great!" -- Commissioner Button Cup Fantasy NASCAR League

"We are going into our 16th year running our Shrewsbury Volunteer Fire Department Race Pool and we were lucky enough to find RaceScore. As our pool grew they were there to work with our web designer to create a link to help our players pay and enter on-line. With this capability we are able to make things easier for our players to enter. When ever we have a question or a problem they are quick to respond. This last year our race pool had 940 players from all over the country. We would not have such a successful pool without RaceScore." -- Commissioner Shrewsbury Vol. Fire Dept. Race Pool

"I manage a 50-team RaceScore personal league consisting of friends, family, and coworkers. We are going into our 6th season with RaceScore and we have added more teams every year. What we like about RaceScore is the flexibility to run our league the way we want to run it. (RaceScore) is great at responding to questions and (they're) always up to date on NASCAR drivers, teams and points. You won't find another fantasy league site allowing the flexibility and options RaceScore has to offer, and it all comes at a very reasonable price. RaceScore is the way to go if you want to play a customized NASCAR salary cap league." --Commissioner Guns & Hoses Fantasy NASCAR League

"Super product, best invention since the Hula-Hoop.  Hats off to you hula RACESCORE for providing me with a great tool for managing my racing league."

"We used an Excel Spreadsheet in 2003. It often took days to score our races. I found your product in 2004. Every member of our league loved the service and the quick scoring results. This is the only product my league will use from now on."

"This will be my fourth year using RaceScore to run my local race pool and I wouldn't even think of trying to find something else. The ease of use and the support that is received is unmatched."

"Great program - I have 10 Formula 1 Leagues running - raising > $1,000 for charity."
United Kingdom customer

"Racescore, I would like to thank you at this time, after race 13, for the outstanding service I am getting from you. I have been in Nascar fantasy leagues for several years and this is by far the best league I've been in. The results are posted very fast and the reports are easy to use and see. As long as I am running a Nascar league I will use nothing but racescore. Thanks again for getting our league organized and run the way it should be."

"Just a note to say thanks for all of the support.  I used the sofware last year and am using the web site this year, and things are a little different. I've screwed up a few times and you guys have been there at every turn to help me get things ironed out.  Very, very pleased with RaceScore."

"Awesome piece of software. This is my 3rd year of running a league with racescore and it saves so much time. The report formatting options are so good that I don't even have to edit my reports in frontpage - I can just import them directly in and publish my web".

"Thank you so much. Everything looks good. I know this was a pain for you guys and I appreciate your attention to the matter. RaceScore is the best thing to happen to fantasy leagues!!! "

"I recently purchased your software and I can't begin to tell you how much I love it. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for to run my family NASCAR pool. I spent hours setting up excel spread sheets and when I found your software on the web, I tried it for about 10 minutes before I knew it was what I was looking for. I couldn't purchase it fast enough!!! "

"Thanks for the quick response to my scoring problem. Everything works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the 12th year we are running a NASCAR Pool and the second year we are using RaceScore. Your software cut hours of time off my already busy schedule. Not to mention all the paperwork. You guys are a Godsend!!!!!! Keep up the great work.

"Thanks for all your help. Never ever have I had such good technical support as I have had with you. If you ever consider fantasy football software please let me know. Everyone in the league has complimented me on the software used for the league."

"This program is exactly what I was looking for. My league has 50 teams with 8 drivers each. That is a lot of typing and figuring until I found your program on the Internet. Hope it is working out great for you guys."

"Thank you for your quick response, that kind of made up my mind on which program to use. Thanks again, awesome program. Do you have a football program?"

"Thanks very much for your help. The customer support I have received from you is second to none I have ever experienced. I was wondering how the driver report was coming and also would it be possible In the league standings report if you could open the race option as it is with the other reports. Once again Thank you."

"...I love this program, this is a god send for my league."

"...I have gotten a number of compliments on the reports that are put out. keep up the good work you have a very good program which can [go] nowhere but up from what I can see."

"Thanks for your help. Everybody really likes the program. It saves me a lot of time. Thanks again."

"I tried the new upgrade and it works like a charm, this will save me plenty of time when doing my web-site. I thank you for your quick response, you guys are good. I registered the software tonight via e-mail."

"Everyone loves the way the reports are formatted and the way they are displayed. I too love it for  its ease of use and easiness to operate. You have a very good program here, have you ever given any thought as to trying to develop a fantasy football program? Next year I want to have a NASCAR contest open to anyone on the web, right now its just a few people who are in my fantasy football leagues and some local people. I am going to try and see if I can canvas some business people I know on the net to put up prizes."

"Thanks, thanks.  Once I got the injector out of my frontal port things ran smoothly. You gave me the best birthday present ever today by helping me. Now when I go down to the meeting tomorrow and am still out in front, I will take all of the carb gas the guy's can give me. The best investment I've made lately was in you, you just proved it by staying there throughout MY red flag."

"...I have had many compliments on your software."

"The new update seems to be working fine. The hyperlinks work great and the dropped players now show up for all the teams. Thanks for speedy assistance, it is appreciated."

"Thank you very much and I look forward to using your program for many seasons."

"Everything is working great. 9 weeks into the NASCAR season and no problems."

"Thanks for your recent support - I have everything working fine."

"Thank you for updating your program.  This thing is just simply beautiful. A few things could use tuning, but it rocks."